Universal Data Models substantially reduces the time and costs of data modeling and data warehousing efforts via its unique reusable templates, or Universal Data Models. Universal Data models offers an efficient and quality approach to developing data architectures, data integration strategies, enterprise data models, logical data models, database designs, data warehouse designs, or data mart designs. Founded by Len Silverston, bestselling author of "The Data Model Resource Book."

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Len Silverston, Founder and CEO 

Upcoming Events in 2018

Date Title Sponsor Location
 April 11 The Power of Common Language in Data Governance Idera Online
Apr 23 Organization Change Management For Emerging Trends in Data

Enterprise Data World San Diego, CA
May 3 Practical Tools for the Human Side of Data Modeling

DAMA Wisconsin Milwaukee, WI
May 6 Practical Techniques for Aligning Business and IT: Navigating Politics and Culture

The Data Warehouse Institute Chicago, IL
Jun 14

ComprehensiveConflict Management Framework for Data Governance

The Data Governance Conference San Diego, CA

Oct 15

Drowning in Data, Starving for Wisdom: Tools Addressing the Human Element of Data Modeling

Data Modeling Zone

Madison, Wisconsin
Oct 16 Mindfulness and Modeling


Data Modeling Zone Madison, Wisconsin


Success Story

"I was introduced to the Universal Data Model in 1997, when I was the enterprise data architect at Janus Funds. Len provided his Universal Data Model (UDM) as a solution to help us consolidate data from multiple and disparate databases. The challenge was to separate data from legacy applications and to position it for universal access. The business had grown to the point where a multitude of FoxPro applications/databases had to be replaced with a more optimal set of applications, and the the data moved to an enterprise Oracle platform. The UDM provided the perfect template for doing this. My next deployment of the UDM was at Cendant Galileao, a large travel..."

Wes Bennett, Enterprise Architect

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